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McClintock knows how to Rock! For the last 25 years Dan has been living the lifestyle and programming some of the biggest rock stations in the mid-west. Dan loves music, trucks, beer and live entertainment. When he’s not at the gym he’s at the studio or station event. A self professed, “Radio Rat” Dan lives the Rock n Roll lifestyle! Look for him on stage at the next FOX concert before the show! Check him out below backstage with Aerosmith!
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Organic Taco Sliders!

Check out these Organic Taco Sliders I tried out! Here is the recipe… I highly recommend: Grilled chicken, homemade guacamole ,shredded red cabbage, pepper jack cheese  and mini soft shell tortilla shells… all from Natural Grocers. MORE


Trying out my own crock pot recipe

McClintock kitchen is doing the good4u challenge and trying out my own crock pot organic recipe: a whole chicken, with carrots, celery, green peppers, onions and potatoes. Salt, pepper paprika and cook on low for 8 and a half hours. Good for leftovers too! CLICK HERE to sign up!MORE


Join McClintock and sign up for the Good4U Challenge

McClintock took the Good 4u Challenge Today at Natural Grocers with Brooke! Sign up and join him in the challenge and get guidance from a Nutritional Health Coach, free in-store nutritional classes weekly, oh and great discounts too! CLICK HERE to register now.MORE