Patrick Mahomes Injury Tracker: MRI Results Are In

The Chiefs have MRI results from the injured right ankle of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, providing clarity for his status in the AFC Championship Game.

The Kansas City Chiefs have news regarding the injured right ankle of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who reportedly suffered a high ankle sprain in the Chiefs’ 27-20 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars to advance to the team’s fifth-consecutive AFC Championship Game.

Just before halftime of Saturday’s game, Mahomes’s X-rays came back negative, allowing him to return to the game. On Sunday, Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted that Mahomes’s MRI confirmed a high ankle sprain. “Nothing more than that,” Schefter added, citing a league source.

While “nothing more than that” is great news for the Chiefs as opposed to the worst-case scenarios many fans feared when Mahomes hobbled off the field, it’s common for players to miss time with high ankle sprains. Former Chiefs center Tim Grunhard tweeted his concern, noting that his 120-game stream was broken due to a high ankle sprain he suffered.

In a follow-up tweet, Schefter noted that the high ankle sprain “is a significant enough injury on its own.”

Nate Taylor of The Athletic confirmed Schefter’s report and tweeted that “the Chiefs believed this was the case last night.”

After the game, Mahomes spoke to the media about his sideline conversations with KC’s coaching and training staff and detailed how difficult it would be to keep him off the field in a playoff game.

“I mean, I’m not coming out of a playoff game unless they take me out,” Mahomes said. “I love this sport too much. I love this game and I love playing with my teammates and being able to go out there and enjoy it together. We prepare all year to be in the playoffs and play in these games. I’m glad that I was able to get back in the game. I just love competing in this sport. Pain is pain, and you’re going to have to deal with it either way.”

Reid’s postgame comments were non-commital for Mahomes’s status in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

“We’ll see,” Reid said. “I don’t want to jump to things right now, but let’s just see how it goes here in the next couple of days. It’s going to be sore, but let’s see where he’s at. He’s had this before and was able to push through it — actually, against Jacksonville a couple of years ago, the same type of deal. He pushed through that. The main thing is that he’s safe, or at least as safe as you can be on a football field. That’s the important thing.”