Drew Carey Lost His Mind After Seeing Phish At The Sphere In Vegas!

What show blew your mind so hard you forgot how to behave?

drew carey trey anastasio phish
Photos by Gabe Ginsberg & Michael Loccisano (Getty Images)

In one corner, we’ve got Phish – the long-running jam band spiritual successors to The Grateful Dead. In the other: The Price Is Right host Drew Carey. Put them together within the sensory-overloading confines of The Sphere in Las Vegas, and one party will emerge forever changed.

Here’s where I add an adult content warning. Because – as Drew Carey is about to remind us – once upon a time, before game shows and network sitcoms, his standup act was not exactly squeaky clean.

Drew is a psychedelic rock aficianado. He hosts a weekly Sirius XM show on Steven Van Zandt’s channel ‘Little Stevie’s Underground Garage’. But somehow he hadn’t seen Phish before, and this is how he recapped the experience.

Did you think his enthusiasm ended with a late night post-concert meal and a decent night’s sleep? No way! Here he is a couple nights later on After Midnight with a delightfully unhinged rant that derails the entire show. Strap in!

But, wait! There’s more! Phish mailed Drew a blender, which Trey Anastasio also autographed.

Do kids still watch The Price Is Right when they stay home sick from school? Because this is who we’re leaving them with!