Save The SMOKE KC!

Kansas City…known worldwide as the home to the world’s best Barbecue.  Smoking for 10, 12, 16 hours since the 1930’s it’s our badge of honor! NOW many local Barbecue joints face the end of the smoke.

Don’t let that FIRE go out.

Big game party or an event?  Order up some Q from places like BB’s Lawnside Barbeque, the BBQ express tray is waiting for you and your friends; watch the game while YOU SAVE Kansas City Barbecue.

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Help save the smoke order BB’s, or your favorite Barbeque joint.

B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ

Let’s keep them in business Call BB’s at 816-822-7427 or order online at

COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives. But Kansas Citians Need Our BBQ!

BB’s provides several safe options to get your fix of authentic Kansas City BBQ.