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Police in Illinois release father’s 911 call about missing 5-year-old son

“We have a missing child.” With those words, the father of 5-year-old Andrew “AJ” Freund calmly reported the Illinois boy missing Thursday morning, according to a 911 call released by the Crystal Lake Police Department on Tuesday. “Woke up this morning and he wasn’t … he wasn’t,” Andrew Freund Sr. told the dispatcher. Police have…MORE

We stan: Merriam-Webster just added 640 new words

A word (heh) of warning: If you hate internet slang and buzzy pop culture words, this news isn’t for you. Merriam-Webster has added 640 new words to the dictionary, and together, they’re a pretty good portrait of how we talk to each other online in 2019. Take, for instance, the word “buzzy.” We just used…MORE

This 4-year-old is best friends with the man who cleaned his hospital room

The friends first met a year ago when 4-year-old Cooper Baltzell was driving a toy car down the hospital corridor, handing out candy to the staff. It was during one of Cooper’s many hospital stays for Hirschsprung disease, a rare, inherited condition affecting the body’s digestive system. That’s when he bumped into 57-year-old Gregory Watson,…MORE

California moves to ban racial discrimination based on hairstyles

A bill that would ban schools and workplaces from having dress codes that forbid braids, twists and other natural hair styles has passed the California State Senate. SB 188 updates the state’s anti-discrimination laws so the definition of race “also include traits historically associated with race, including, but not limited to, hair texture and protective…MORE

South Carolina teachers plan a 2nd protest this year to demand better pay

For the second time in four months, South Carolina teachers are fed up and ready to rally. Hundreds of educators plan to protest at the state capitol on May 1 at an event called “#AllOutMay1.” “Those that care about public education in South Carolina demand better teacher pay, smaller class size, removing other duties as…MORE