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Taco Bell will open 600 restaurants in India

Taco Bell is making India its biggest international market. The US-based fast food chain on Thursday announced a plan to open 600 restaurants in the country over the next 10 years, looking to cash in on the country’s massive market and rapidly growing middle class. The move will create more than 20,000 new jobs, the…MORE

The turnaround plan that wasn’t. Deutsche Bank stock hits another record low

Investors are giving Deutsche Bank’s vague plans for a turnaround a big thumbs down. The stock fell nearly 3% to a new record low Thursday as the annual meeting of Deutsche Bank shareholders heard CEO Christian Sewing and chairman Paul Achleitner pledge new cost cuts but stop short of announcing a more dramatic overhaul. Patience…MORE

Dow drops nearly 300 points as Wall Street braces for deeper trade war

Wall Street is coming to grips with the idea that the US-China trade war will get worse before it gets better. The Dow dropped 286 points, or 1.1%, on Thursday on fears about the tariff battle slowing global growth and dinging corporate profits. The index recovered somewhat toward the end of the day — at…MORE

Here’s the worst-case scenario for the US-China trade war

It turns out trade wars are not short and not so easy to win, as President Donald Trump once tweeted. As the US-China trade war drags on, economists are sharpening their pencils, forecasting what a protracted trade war would cost. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development warns an escalation would hurt the US economy…MORE

Boeing talks; Deutsche Bank meeting; Pound pressure

1. Boeing talks: US aviation officials will meet Thursday with regulators from around the world to discuss their plans to get Boeing’s 737 MAX jet back in the skies. Dan Elwell, acting administrator at the US Federal Aviation Administration, has said the United States will be the first to certify the 737 Max for flight.…MORE

Indian stock market party for Modi is brief as big challenges remain

A landslide victory for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi briefly sent the country’s stock markets to record highs as the results started to come in. India’s benchmark index, the Sensex, surged 900 points to cross 40,000 for the first time ever Thursday morning after early poll counts in the country’s massive election gave Modi’s party…MORE

Pilots union to Boeing: ‘Inexcusable’ to blame pilots for 737 Max crashes

The spokesman for American Airlines’ pilots union called Boeing’s insinuation that foreign pilots were to blame for the crashes involving 737 Max jets “inexcusable” and said AA pilots made several suggestions to Boeing to fix the 737 Max’s systems before the second plane crash. In recent weeks, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg and others have said…MORE

Saudi Arabia wants to buy tons of American natural gas

Saudi Arabia has placed a huge bet on American natural gas. In a sign of shifting energy fortunes, Saudi Aramco announced a mega preliminary agreement on Wednesday to buy 5 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year from a Port Arthur, Texas export project that’s under development. If completed, the purchase from San Diego-based…MORE